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Touching The Nations



The doctor checking some patients
First of all we want to thank you for your support. Through your donations TTN was able to touch and help many people. We will never be able to thank you for making this possible, but we know the Lord will. Thanks a million for your help.

          On arrival, Saturday June 3, 2006, the team was challenged and we had a lot of opposition. The weather was not a problem this time, but Satan was using people instead. Satan was not going to let us enter his territory without battle. However, God held the team together and the program started at 1pm as planned. The Lord brought 300 people to the outreach.

          We opened the program with some worship and after that local pastors introduced themselves. There were 6 local pastors who attendedTaking blood pressure by some nursing students. the outreach and followed up on those who gave their life to the Lord. 
          After the opening it was time for the nursing students and some of our members to teach the local people on topics like family planning, hygiene, nutrition and orasol. Next to this we also did blood typing and blood pressure taking. Plus, we gave away reading glasses to those who needed them. This all took about 1 hour. 
          Then it was time for some of our members to act out a drama and give their testimony about what Christ has done in their life. 
          This was the first time we did a drama, but they did an excellent job and it is definitely a keeper. Beside the drama, two members of the church, Nato & Blood typingDick, gave their testimony about what God has done in their life. Dick added a bonus to the testimony. He had written a song about his salvation. 

          The play and testimonies were very powerful and the ongoing theme in the messages was about the freedom we have in Christ. Freedom from sin, alcohol, drugs, etc.

          The next item on the agenda was worship. One local church led us into worship. It was good. As we worshipped I could feel an increase in His presence. The people were getting ready to hear the Good News. 

         After preaching the gospel 10 people gave their life to the Lord. As I was preaching their was a lot of spiritual resistance, but the team was praying and Dick giving his testminyGod prevailed. The area is known has having many witch doctors (heard saying). So that can be the underlining resistance. However, 10 people gave their life to the Lord. The local pastors were so happy with their salvations. They said it is a very hard area to see souls saved. So all we can say is praise the Lord for those 10 souls and may God use them to draw many other people into His Kindom.

          After giving the altar call I prayed for those who had problems or sickness. Not so many people came forward, but those who came forward were all touched by the Lord. Five people came forward for prayer and ALL five got healed. Praise the Lord! What a witness of His power. Afterward two of them gave a testimony of what God had done. 

Arthur giving altar callAfter this great victory it was time to bless the people more. The Lord had blessed us with funds to give away clothes, school supplies, slippers and food. 

         If you are interested in seeing more pictures (39) about this outreach click here 

          The people were so thankful and I wish we as a team would have been able to give much more. These people are so poor, that whatever you give is appreciated. However, they were very thankful for what we were able to give. So again, thanks for making this possible and being part of this ministry.
         God bless,
                   Arthur Peter


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Jul. 6th, 2006 08:46 pm (UTC)
it is so awesome what you are doing in missions! keep it up!

i was just cruising around looking for fellow Christians looking to save a generation from a culture that wants to own them instead of showing them the love of Christ. there's more about that at www.battlecry.com! :)

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