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Update from the Philippines....

Touching The Nations

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 Greetings from the Philippines,


It has been a while that I sent an update of what is happening in the Philippines. We are all doing great here in Puerto Princesa City. Children are running and alive and keeping us very busy. Praise the Lord! This past Monday we were able to go to the beach with boys. They love the beach. Playing in the sand and finding crabs, sea stars and this past Monday we even found some jelly fish.... No worries nothing happened. We had a great time at the beach.


Now a little update on the ministry. The coming week children will be starting school again. Thanks to your support we were able to give away some school supplies to children that have been coming faithfully to Sunday School. Your help is really appreciated and the children and their parents want to say thank you for all your help and support.


Next to this we have also started a choir in our church. About 7-8 people are part of the choir. Although I am maybe not really objective I think the choir does a really good job. Learning a lot as we go along, but it is a true blessing having a choir during our worship service.


Things are going well with the 6 students of the discipleship school and church. Many members are feeling that the Lord is getting our heart in the right place. It is not a problem for the Lord to sent a revival to our city, but the problem is us as people. Our heart need to be in the right place before God can sent a revival.


Lately our prayer meetings have experienced an increase of attendance. With biggest attendance on Friday evening. About 20 people showed up. I love it when many people show up. It is such a blessing and the presence of the Lord is just wonderful....


In closing I would like to thank all the prayer and financial supporters for all your help. As you maybe have noticed our average support level has increased from 50% to almost 55%. Still in need of more support but it is going the right direction. Looking forward to come to TN where some people and pastors have shown interest in the ministry. Praise the Lord! God is just awesome!!!!


Thanks again for all your faithful support and continued help. Know that without your help and support we would not have any ministry here in the Puerto Princesa City. Thanks for being part of fulfilling the great commission in the Philippines....


Lots of love,

           Arthur Peter







  • Praise - the Men's Encounter Retreat was awesome
  • Praise - Will be starting another Trainings course in July.
  • Praise - We were able to give some children school supplies for the coming school year.  
  • Praise - Doors is opening up for us to go on campus next week. One of the biggest universities in Palawan - PSU (Palawan State University)
  • Praise - Had a great fellowship with D12 on Monday
  • Praise - It looks like after the 2nd trainings course is finished we will have 2-3 new leaders who are going to lead a HOME church. 
  • Praise - Started a choir and 7 members of church are joining.
  • Praise - More and more members of church are starting to join prayer meetings. Biggest attendance until now has been 20 members.
  • Praise - We are having our Sunday Celebration in our office and things are going great there. It is full but things are going okay....
  • Praise - New doors are opening up with people and churches in TN who show interest in the ministry.
  • BIG Praise - Support is increasing step by step. Our support level has increased from 50% to about 55% of required budget.


Prayer Request!!!

  • Increase of Home churches - from 25 to 30 home churches (Our vision for April 2009 is 50 home churches). 

  • Continued growth of the 6 students in the discipleship school - Esther, Hannah, Barnabas, Richell, Abigail & Timothy

  • Continue to pray for increase of financial support in year 2008. At the moment we have 55% of required support level.

  • Planning to visit Tennessee in August/September 2008. Pray that God will give us favor and bring many new supporters.

  • Please pray for our first D12, that we may grow closer to each other and become a team that work together for the Kingdom of God.

  • Please pray that the Lord will raise up more leaders in the church. We are praying for 144 new leaders.

  • Continue to pray for Flower, Barnabas, Caleb and me to stay healthy and strong spiritually.

  • This coming week we want to start going on campus. Pray that many souls will respond.



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