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Spiritual Reflections

      Spiritual Reflections is a twice weekly, free email ministry provided by Touching The Nations to anyone interested in receiving stories, quotes, jokes, inspirational messages etc. etc. To receive these messages, please join our Spiritual Reflections mailinglist. 

      We want to thank everyone who sends us stories, and ask you to, please, keep on sending them. If you have a message, or story you would like to share, please send it to
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10 Little Christians standing in line
1 disliked the preacher, then there were 9

9 little Christians stayed up very late
1 overslept Sunday, then there were 8

8 little Christians on their way to Heaven
1 took the low road and then there were 7

7 little Christians chirping like chicks
1 disliked music, then there were 6

6 little Christians seemed very much alive
but one lost his interest then there was 5

5 little Christians pulling for Heaven's Shore
but one stopped to rest, then there were 4

4 little Christians each busy as a bee
but one got his feelings hurt, then there were 3

3 little Christians knew not what to do
1 joined the sporty crowd, then there were 2

2 little Christians, our rhyme is nearly done
differed with each other, then there was 1

1 little Christian can't do much 'tis true;
but brought his friend to Bible study -- then there were 2

2 earnest Christians, each won one more
that doubled the number, then there were 4

4 sincere Christians worked early and late
Each won another then there were 8

8 splendid Christians if they doubled as before
In just so many Sundays, we'd have 1,024

In this little jingle, there is a lesson true,
You belong, either to the building-, or to the wrecking-crew!

-- Author Unknown --

We don't claim copyright on these messages; so feel free to send them to your friends.

God Bless,
         Arthur Peter


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